Saturday, October 07, 2006

Leaving Vlad today

Today is my last day in Vladivostok. I returned here yesterday from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for a one-night layover and am now leaving for the airport in a few minutes to catch my flight to Moscow.

I was sorry to miss out on a boat trip to Russky Island that the students here arranged for me. In the end, I was just too exhausted from the whole trip to go straight from the airport to the ferry. Instead I spent my time meeting the people at the American Consulate here, eating my new favorite Georgian foods, and shopping at the GUM department store. My apologies to the students!!!

I have a lot of material to post from Kamchatka and will work on it during the flight. Ten hours should be enough time to get a lot done! In the meantime, please check out Igor Shpilenok's website. He is a landscape photographer and has absolutely stunning images of the Kamchatka Peninsula and more. I saw one of his fine prints on my last night on Kamchatka, when I stayed at an American-run B&B and met Shpilenok's wife, who runs the local WWF office.

Please check back tomorrow for my last posts from the Russian Far East and material from my 18 hours in Moscow.


G & G said...

Hi Lauren..a 10 hr. flight to Moscow!! You will need a vacation when you get back to FL. xoxo G

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, Have a safe trip home.Love Aunt Pat and Uncle Marty