Sunday, October 08, 2006

Internet trouble in Moscow

Well, I made it to Moscow fine and checked into the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski, one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the city. The room is amazing, with a view directly across the Moscow River to St. Basil's and Red Square. I went out for a walk and took lots of photos, then returned to the hotel for dinner and to make a slideshow. Unfortunately, the hotel's WiFi access isn't working and the business center computers won't let me upload an FTP client so that I can post the show.


The photos really tell it best-- Moscow is incredibly beautiful! I won't be able to visit the Kremlin or any museums while I'm here, so I'm already trying to figure out when I can return. Katya gave me a beautiful calendar of St. Petersburg, so I'll try to go there as well.

The trip may be almost over, but there's still lots of material to come on the blog over the next few days!

Keep watching for:
-- the slideshow of Moscow
-- the slideshow of our trip to the black sand beaches of Kamchatka
-- the slideshow of my walking tour of Vlad last week
-- the video story of a Vlad journalism student who works at the regional tv station
-- a final slideshow and post that covers my entire journey

Ok, breakfast, packing and then back to the airport.


g & g said...

Hi Lauren..You described it all so beautifully, I want to go back too.
St. Basil's always looks amazing when you see it on TV. Have a safe trip home. I think you'll need a vacation after this trip. xoxo G

would like to know what the good and the not to good about your experience in Russia. since you have seen different countries over the years, how did this trip compare to those trips.

big g

don sebastian said...

Hi; To many sites, not enought time. Sounds normal! Looking forward to seeing the future Bloggs, but rest up first. Just wondering how long the bloggs stay on the internet. Heading to Florida also, tommorow going to Miami. I'm a expert witness in a 5M maintenance case against Cessna Aircraft Company. Guess you will be glad to have your cell phone working again. I had a GMP (I think) cell phone seven years ago. Called from Germany to California, it only cost 17 cents. Don't know why. Sitting in Panera with 54Mbps. For a guy like me, doesn't get any better. Home is a land line at 53Kbps. Your videos never fully played at home. Uncle don

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, Fully enjoyed your daily postings.Each one was better than the last.You had a rare oportunity and made the most of it.Im sure this trip will stay with you forever.Keep up the good work and dont let your enthusiasm wane. Love Aunt Pat and Uncle Marty