Saturday, September 23, 2006

The trip begins

I'm at the Gainesville, Florida, airport waiting for my flight to Atlanta. From there I'll connect to Moscow and then onto Vladivostok. I won't arrive until Sunday, but that will still be Saturday here in Florida because of the time difference.

I almost didn't make it at all! I moved a few weeks ago and forgot to tell the State Department about it. They FedExed my tickets to the old address and had to resend them yesterday. I ran over to the office this morning to get them. Whew!

I tried to post an audio entry using my cell phone, but AudioBlogger seems to be down. I'll try again in Atlanta, then again in Russia using Skype.

Wish me luck!

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don sebastian said...

Hi; going back 30+ years is very interesting. Notice a Hammer and Cycle on one of the signs. Do you still see that symbol around town?

Next trip, make bill board posters to past-up. A laptop and phone land line cord, no captions needed. Do not think you will get arrested. Unc.