Sunday, October 01, 2006

Student life in Vladivostok's dormitories

This is a report from student Inna Fedortseva about life in a FENU dormitory. She gives some room sizes in square meters. They are as follows:

12 square meters = 130 square feet (room for 3 students)
16 square meters = 172 square feet (room for 4 students)
4 square meters = 43 square feet (space each student has in the room, about 10 x 4 foot area)


Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren!

This looks like quite the adventure you are having! I haven't read all of your posts, but the ones I have are very cool! Will this be a part of your regular teachng job? Flying all over the world and bringing online journalism to the forefront of media?

Love, Donna

g & g said...

Hi Lauren..If you can get the job Donna's talking about above..go for it! The students do not have it easy do they? Inna did a great job of reporting. xoxo G

hi, reminds me of dorm life in NYC.
the other g

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, What you show isnt too different from what the college dorms are in the U S with the exception of hot water.Great postings. Love Uncle Marty