Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Partizansk, Russia

Another student in Vladivostok prepared this slideshow about a mining town three hours away. She spent part of her childhood there and has fond memories, despite the fact that the town is now almost desolate.


G&G said...

Hi Lauren..We tried to watch slide show but got printout: PAGE NOT FOUND xoxoG

Anonymous said...

hi lauren, Watched slide show.Very enlightening.This is the problem when every one is seeking the optimum in jobs, sports. entertainment etc.and forgetting about what is real. Uncle Marty

g & g said...

Her reporting was beautiful and very poignant(spelling?) The slides certainly added to her story. I think she learned a lot from your classes, xoxo G

this happens here in the states, except it usually is a company moves out of town and it was the only source of income. the clothing industry went from new england to the south and then overseas.

big g

Anonymous said...

My daughter was born and spent her first 13mths. in Partizansk.We visited this town in 2005, while adopting her.Thanks for the memories.
This slide show is VERY well done.
~M~mommy to ~K~