Thursday, October 05, 2006

Paratunka hot springs

Two days ago Dmitri and I took a trip to the Paratunka hot springs located about an hour from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. I was worried about catching a cold in the chilly air, so I took a walk with our guide instead of swimming.

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G & G said...

hi lauren
love those blue spruces.
big g

What a pretty place. I like the new accomodations better. Too bad you couldn't enjoy the hot springs. x0x0G

Don Sebastian, new link said...

Hi from Uncle don

Looks like the cabin I'm staying in this week. Still in Gatlinburg Tennesse. Flight tested and doing an inspection for at New Jersey man. These hillbillies around here talk funny also, like you Russian friends. I'm trying to make like I'm not a yankee also. Love those pictures, send more. It's 0600 and I'm in Krystals Hamburger stand #NX010. Having their $2.40 senior brackfast, later $2.12 lunch, then $2.84 supper. Why, All Krystals have wify hot spots. There is a Starbucks but $5 for just a cup of coffee. Last few days ran up $120 phone bill getting on line in the cabin. Glad my customers are rich.
Have fun, and hit them over the head with a Voker Bottle if the don't lesson.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful place. It sounds too good to be true but I guess places like that really do exsist. Fantastic