Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jetlag finally caught up with me

Here's a second attempt at getting some audio up on the blog. I'll try again with Skype and Audioblogger later today.


Brian Farran said...


I'm seeing/listening to you right now!

I love your blog. Send me all of your new FL contact info please. Been thinking about you lately.

Mindi's pregnant, due in February, it's a girl this time. We're thinking about the name Abigail.

Talk to you in October when you come back. I want to more fully experience your blog now! You look and sound great, jetlag notwithstanding...

Talk soon, Brian

glenn said...

Not bad my lady. There is video and sound, albeit a bit out of sync, but not bad at all. It's so nice to see you again. After reading through your blogs, you're living my dream; seeing and experiencing new things. I wish I was there with you. Much luck and I look forward to your next entry. We all miss you at Chitivas. Barbara asks about you everytime she sees me. :)

Mucho amor,


Donna M. said...

Lauren's that girl with short blonde hair
Gone to Vladivostock in the air
I don't remember the next line
But I won't type the corresponding rhyme.
(beat box noise)

Anonymous said...

wow! hey lauren, i discovered this purely by accident. didn't even know you were in Fl leave alone vladif---ingvostock.
drop me a line and send me yr email address.
be good.

Lauren Hertel said...

Thanks to everybody for responding to this blog! The students here are very excited about posting stories over the next few days, so please keep reading and viewing.