Thursday, September 28, 2006

Busy intersection in Vlad

I've decided that short movie clips will show you Vlad better than photos, so this is the first in a series.

There are two unsual things about driving in Vladivostok. The first is that all of the cars have steering wheels on the right, since they are imported by ferry from neighboring Japan. The second is that there are no traffic lights in the city! For a population of 600,000, this is extraordinary. Nobody follows any sort of rules and turns just seem to be a big game of chicken.

The other thing you can hear on this clip is the music playing from loudspeakers strung along the side street. This is the street my hotel is on, and I've heard everything from this Betty Boop song to heavy metal from the 1980s.

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G&G said...

Thought we sent a comment here..another lost over the North Pole. A city of 600,000 and NO traffic lights must be very challenging to drive there.